Welcome to SG Associates Builders & Developers , One of the Best Builders in Kumbakonam also called as Temple Town in South india. Our office is situated in SG Associates, Address: No. F 13, 1st Floor, MIM Complex, 60 Feet Road, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612001, India , Phone: +91 9600714704 . Our Prime objective is to bridge the construction requirements of our esteemed customers and be an “One stop solution” providing a wide range of value added services in a most customer friendly and personalized manner. We are proud to be one among the best custom home builders in kumbakonam having the ability and capacity to Tailor-make residential homes, houses, villas, farm houses, guest houses, apartments, commercial complexes, shops in kumbakonam based on the construction plans, structural designs, exterior elevation plans and interior decorations preferred by our valued customers. We provide specialized services as Best Architects in kumbakonam, Best Residential Builders in kumbakonam, Best Commercial Builders in kumbakonam, Best Real Estate Mediators in kumbakonam, Best Property Developers in kumbakonam, Best Building Contractors in kumbakonam, Best Civil Consultants in kumbakonam, Best Civil Engineers in kumbakonam, Best Interior Designers in Kumbakonam, Best Interior Decorators in kumbakonam, Best Property Appraisers in kumbakonam, and as Best Structural Engineers in kumbakonam. Our customers appreciate our services a “Big Value for Money” and have positioned us as one among the Top 5 Best builders in kumbakonam while comparing the vast majority of Construction companies in kumbakonam. We are one of the best construction companies in kumbakonam. Our approach has always been Most customer friendly, Straight forward , Clear communications, and most important “ Commitment, Dedication and Honesty” on the tasks undertaken on behalf of our Customers. No doubt, that we are happy to state that our customer supports is the main reason to boost us to the position of Top 5 Best Builders in kumbakonam as well as top home builders in kumbakonam. List of key words any one can use for search is as follows: budget builders in kumbakonam, best builders in kumbakonam, top builders in kumbakonam, home builders in kumbakonam, house builders in kumbakonam, residential builders in kumbakonam , custom home builders in kumbakonam, good builders in kumbakonam, list of builders in kumbakonam,

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Question What is the role of SG Associates Builders & Developers when a potential customer starts identifying couple of properties in kumbakonam (like land for sale in kumbakonam, or a house for sale in kumbakonam, or an apartment for sale in kumbakonam, or an individual villa for sale in kumbakonam, or a residential plot in kumbakonam – preferably approved by Panchayat or DTCP approved plots for sale in kumbakonam) ? What are your facilitation charges for your services ? Ans. Good question. SG Associates Builders & Developers acts as an “One Stop Solution Provider” for all our Customer’s Housing and residential needs. We act not only as Good Builders in kumbakonam, but also as good facilitators in kumbakonam - in short as a link between the land owners, property agents, real estate promoters, legal service providers, financiers, banks, construction consultants, leading engineers, panchayat / municipal /government registration & approval bodies and our esteemed customers in kumbakonam. We handhold our customers in the whole process through our strong and wide networks of professionals in kumbakonam who make the deal completion look easy and simple. Generally, most of the real estate owners and land owners loop- in to our network for getting good customers from our side, offering best real estate prices in kumbakonam. This tie-up goes benefiting our customers in 3 ways. First they get a wide range of choices while selecting good residential plots or lands for sale in kumbakonam, second they get the best real estate prices in kumbakonam and third they need not pay any agency commission for such purchases from our referrals. Customers do all their price negotiations directly with the owners and we don’t enter into the pricing part. Please note that we only play the part of facilitating the deal without any service charges for our services. In return, we expect these benefits to flow-in to our side when our customer’s we start building their dream homes at budget prices in kumbakonam . Incase our customers prefers to purchase any property outside our shortlisted portfolio ( or prefers us to make a personalized search for them in a different location) , then we help them to get connected with a good &reliable real estate agent in kumbakonam looped in our network who will assist them in this search process. Generally the real estate agents collect 2% - 2.5% of the agreed sale prices as their commission. However, we let our customers to personally negotiate this commission directly with the real estate agent and prefer not interfere in this part. To summarize, we assist our customers in searching for a Good Property in kumbakonam within their budget s- right from start till end without charging any facilitation fee for our services. Yes… its absolutely free services for our customers as a value addition from our side considering our long term relationship with them. Question: What’s the role of Vastu while selecting a plot and how can you help your customers who wish you select residential plots in kumbakonam based on Vastu principles.? Ans. Vastu is a very important aspect one should look at while selecting a good land or residential part for his occupation. A good or bad effect of the land applies to the people residing in the house built on the plot. Most of the top builders In kumbakonam, are well aware of these facts and try their level best to accommodate their designs matching the vastu principles. We have a team of good and experienced Vastu professionals in kumbakonam who are always ready to advise our customers on the applicability of Vastu philosophies on their proposed property at very nominal charges. We facilitate referrals without any fees for our services Question What is the role of SG Associates Builders & Developers after a customer had identified a property – land / residential plots in kumbakonam and about to register his land or plot with government authorities in kumbakonam before they start their constructions in kumbakonam? Ans. Once the customer completes his search for land or residential plot, we recommends them to get the title deeds / property ownership verifications done through our expert legal advocates in kumbakonam before they go ahead signing the sale deed with land owners. This is a 100% TODO activity and one should not miss this checkpoint at any cost. Our legal advocates are expert in their subjects and have a vast rich experience in performing similar title deed verifications for numerous clients in kumbakonam. We assist our customers in getting this process completed through experienced advocates in kumbakonam without any fees for our services. Yes. Our facilitations charges are zero if the customer prefers to go with us on the construction part. However, the customer may need to pay all charges for obtaining any related government documents (like noc, ec certificates, patta copy, missing document copies etc) from the panchayat/ municipality in the process while getting the title verified before purchase of the proposed land or plots in kumbakonam. Yes… its again absolutely free services for our customers as a value addition from our side considering our long term relationship with them. Question What is the role of SG Associates Builders & Developers after a customer had verified the title deeds through their advocate before purchase of any land or residential plots in kumbakonam ? Do your advocates help the customer draft the sale deed for purchasing the proposed property ( land or residential plots in kumbakonam? Ans. Yes our advocates can help drafting the required Sale deed for transfer of ownership from the name of the owner to the name of our customer . Our legal drafts are neat, clear and clean to avoid any future conflicts of sale. Also our advocates facilitate the complete registration process so smoothly that our customers hardly runaround for any of these matters . We are proud to have connected with good team of advocates and we are really thankful to them for their excellent legal services in kumbakonam. Question What is the role of SG Associates Builders & Developers after a customer had registered their properties in kumbakonam proposed for new constructions. ? Ans. Once the land purchase formalities gets completed (i.e. upon registration of the land or residential plots for sale in kumbakonam in the name of our customer) we start assisting them to get the registered documents collected from the respective government registration authority and simultaneously file and follow-up for various other documents like Encumbrance certificate, NOC, Patta, Chitta etc so that we can start with preparation of house layout plan required for getting approved from the local panchayat or municipality in kumbakonam before construction of the house in kumbakonam. Meanwhile we also start assisting our customers in preparation of personalized house plans including interior and exterior designs, structural plans, furnishing plans, utility plans etc. for their custom designed houses in kumbakonam. The same thing applies if they are going for construction of individual villas or duplex luxury houses or homes in kumbakonam, group community villas in kumbakonam or even duplex apartments in kumbakonam. Question How des SG Associates Builders & Developers assist its customers in developing a proper construction plan for necessary approvals from local authorities. Do you charge them for your exterior and interior designs services? Ans. Interesting question. Most of our customers prefer personalized designs for their new houses. We find their knowledge base very vast and latest in the market. So no longer we can stick on to our old fashioned design templates to satisfy them. We have couple of design plans reflecting the latest trends in the market and our customers are free to select one of those tailor made plans if they wish to. We also have tie-ups with some of the leading construction websites in the world that provides us with modern designs circulated all over the market. If our customers prefers to construct their dream houses in kumbakonam based upon our existing collections, then that’s absolutely free for them. However, if they wish to personalize a little bit more on their home designs based on their favorites then we will try to map up their plans at the minimal costs possible. We have also placed a set of interior and exterior collections in our websites so that each and every customer gets to know about the latest trends in the market. Question What’s your area of operation at present? Do you have plans to expand more in near future? Ans. We operate in an area covering Kumbakonam and around 150 kms of radius surrounding kumbakonam at present. However we do have plans to expand our radius of coverage based on the growing real estate market in South india. Currently the real estate and construction market is very competitive and our margins are extremely thin being a budget builder in kumbakonam. As explained earlier, our profit margin comes only from construction of residential homes – houses in kumbakonam and not from any other actions. Hence we prefer to stay focused in this developing market offering best quality construction services to our customers in kumbakonam. Further, based on customer’s preferences we assist them in searching for good properties for sale in kumbakonam, or good properties for sale in govindapuram or good properties for sale in darasuram either through our network of Real estate Property Agents or land / house Brokers in kumbakonam Question: What is the average cost per square foot to build a house in kumbakonam? Do you think that this average cost to build a house in kumbakonam will increase in the next 6 months. How much cost it takes to build a house in kumbakonam? What are the factors affecting average cost to build a house in kumbakonam Ans. This is a very tricky question. But to be frank with you I can’t give you any number from my hat. The average cost per square foot to build a house in kumbakonam swings continuously based on the season, demand and supply matrix for raw materials used , government ever-changing rules and customer preferences. Like for example the cost of red bricks will increase dramatically during rainy season so kumbakonam builders will find extremely difficult to budget during such seasons with thin margins to play around and without compromising on quality. Demand for raw materials play 20% on the cost factor. Excess availability of cements can reduce the cement prices while lack of availability on the river sand may increase the sand prices. Also governments actions reflects on the costs periodically based on their taxes and grants on construction raw materials. In short going forward things are going to be more and harder for all construction companies in kumbakonam who are not planning properly incorporating these surprises before committing a price to their customers. If you are planning to build a house yourself then it’s wise to first contact a good engineer and plan out on how much of construction materials you need for building your new house. Then get these items along with their quantities required and check on their prices with a good raw material supplier with a cost inflation clause that will protect your inflation cost for the next 3-4 months. As for labor is concerned you need to have a long term – fixed contract for executing the entire project in one shot to get a good pricing. If you do things in small lots your costs at the time of completion will be much much higher compared to the initial budgeted figures. Alternatively, feel free to call on us for our advice in case you feel like consulting someone. We offer you this services absolutely free of cost. Question Do you have any known sources from where a customer can get his residential project funded / financed through a loan arrangement. Ans. Yes we have around 5 financial institutions /Banks who love to do good business with us. They are the leaders in the financial market and have various popular home finance schemes matching our customer expectations. Their turnaround times are fantastic and rejections are bare minimum. The interest charges are in par with the prevailing best rates and duration can be tailor made based on the project value and customer financials. Our Financing advisors can assist you in getting property finance from a reputed Financing institution and we don’t charge any fee for our facilitation services. Question What are the services you offer an NRI (staying outside India) who wish to purchase a good property here in kumbakonam either on own finance or under housing finance from Banks? I am sure that it’s going to be a hard time for them with all these running around for each and every activity here. Ans. Buying a home in India must be a happy occasion in the life of every NRI. However their limitations are the time spent for this activity and physical presence in kumbakonam. You can’t expect an NRI to be here staying in a hotel and searching for a plot of land for 2 weeks and complete the remaining part before his vacation gets completed on the 3rd week with all these usual constrains around. That’s why we have taken several initiatives to ensure your dream home come possible. We maintain complete transparency in all our dealings with customers, every legal document pertaining to the buying process is made available for customer vetting and review. Our custom homes adhere to the highest standards of quality and are delivered on time enabled by our cast-in-place technology. And we go a step ahead with assisting customers through the buying process. The following are the value added services we provide to NRI customers that will make the whole process absolutely simple and easy. • Based on customer preferences we assist them in searching for a Good Property at their preferred location within your budget. (Currently focused on Tanjore Dist. Tamil Nadu, India only). We send them lots of information over emails, phones and media that help them to decide before they arrive to india itself. • IF they are particular about vastu, then our “VASTU” professionals advise them over phone / social medias on each and every aspect on the applicability of Vastu philosophies on their proposed property • Once they had shortlisted a property , our Legal professionals starts interacting with them over emails and social medias and assist them in getting Legal clearance while purchasing the property • Also our Legal professionals assist them in drafting the legal agreements for Transferring the Title of the proposed property to their name • Once the basis due diligence is completed, we wait for them to arrive for registration – in case they had already given a Power of Authority (POA) to their representatives, our Legal professionals can assist them in getting their Property registered to their name with ease & comfort • Our Financing advisors assist them in getting their property finance from reputed Financing institutions • Our Administration assistants can assist them in getting all paper works completed and financed timely • Based on our customer preferences we can assist them in routine maintenance for their property when they are out of country. • In case they wish to rent out their house, then based on their preferences we also assist them in searching for a suitable tenant for renting their property • We can also assist them in case they wish to have their existing property either demolished and /or renovated – re constructed in kumbakonam Question How did SG Associates Builders & Developers managed to become one among Best builders in kumbakonam while comparing all other builders in kumbakonam appearing under list of builders in kumbakonam for quite a long time? Ans. Though we are Budget Builders in kumbakonam we never compromise on quality for the sake of competing competitively in this market. We strongly believe our long time commitment and continuous growth in this market and are very particular in maintaining the quality of each of our construction projects. We prefer to be a “one stop solution provider” for all our customers’ residential needs. We compete aggressively but fairly. We trust that a speedy completion and an on time delivery at low costs form the hallmark of our organization. We are proud to have employed an excellent team of educated and well experienced civil engineers in kumbakonam who do a great job in helping our customers to build their dream houses at budget prices in kumbakonam. No doubts that their sincere efforts and dedication had rewarded SG Associates to build the best houses in kumbakonam. We are specialized as Architects in kumbakonam, Builders in kumbakonam, Developers in kumbakonam, Building Contractors in kumbakonam, Civil Consultants in kumbakonam, Civil Engineers in kumbakonam, Commercial Builders in kumbakonam, Commercial Interior Designers in kumbakonam, Construction Companies kumbakonam, Construction Contractors in kumbakonam, Real Estate Developers in kumbakonam, Interior Decorators in kumbakonam, Land Developers in kumbakonam, Property Developers in kumbakonam, Property Valuers in kumbakonam, Residential Builders in kumbakonam and Structural Engineers in kumbakonam Question. Do you have plans to construct or promote residential flats in kumbakonam or residential apartments in kumbakonam. Do you go for joint ventures while looking at constructing new residential apartments in kumbakonam. Ans. Yes, we do have couple of some good plans in pipe line. 90% of our customers are still looking at individual houses, but trends are slowing changing here in kumbakonam and surely we will be seeing a cluster of new apartments in kumbakonam in next 2 to 3 years. We are closely evaluating the viability and growth potentiality of our proposed projects. If we see a decent margin, we will surely pitch in the offer. Ultimately our goal is to offer best residential apartments or flats in kumbakonam at budget prices benefiting our ultimate customers and investors. Joint ventures in kumbakonam is a very sensitive issue. We can see lots of quality custom home builders in kumbakonam getting into joint venture with land owners or land promoters and getting into difficulties when the marketing part comes in place. When you look at things at micro levels, ultimately it all boils down to working capital required for construction of the project from start till end and the margin of profit that they can earn out on their investments. Things are very tricky and we wish to go slowly since the demand for apartments is considerably different from those of individual houses or villas in kumbakonam. Moreover there are lots of things still uncertain due to ever-changing compliance requirements from the government’s stand point. Safety and Quality are two important key factors any good builder in kumbakonam should look at before venturing into apartments. Question. Today lots of people talk about builders’ social responsibility to the society while executing their projects. I am sure you being one among the top 5 builders in kumbakonam would have couple of items listed down in your agenda. Can you share your thoughts in these lines Ans. Yes. Thanks for asking about that. It’s indeed a very important subject for every builder in kumbakonam. Our concern for the environment is reflected in all our creations. Some of the prominent features that we propose to our valued customers on every project are as below: •Beautiful landscaping and greenery: We want our customers to have lots and lots of green plants and green trees around them. That gives lots of oxygen and help keep residents fit and happy. • Environmental friendly Concrete Cement bricks: We prefer not to use Red bricks made out of clay that’s not a environment friendly . We prefer using Ash bricks instead that’s stronger and better than red bricks. • Rain water harvesting: we plan to have rain water harvesting in each and every project. If you allow the rain water to get waster, soon no one will have a ground water around to even drink • Waste Water purifier: water purification is a good way to save costs on a long term basis if one can invest some decent amount into setting up of the system while construction stage itself. . • Water recycling plant: we prefer to have waste water treatment plants for all our projects. Ultimately this is how we are going to survive maintaining ground water tables to some decent levels. • Solar Water heaters : With our local electricity boards having couple of shortfalls and unit price jumping higher day by day, this is a good way to save costs on a long term basis if one can invest some decent amount into setting up of the system while construction stage itself. . • Solar lights : Saves money on a long term basis with little investment in the construction stage. • Manure pits : Good cost saving on a long term basis for energy recycling into the system • Eco waste disposal plant: Good cost saving on a long term basis for energy recycling into the system • Bio Gas plants and much more : Good cost saving on cooking costs based on little initial investment for energy recycling into the system Question: Where can a customer find a list of builders in kumbakonam (or say a builder list in kumbakonam for his reference) in case he prefers to contact couple of kumbakonam builders to know about some costs before he settle downs to one of his choice. Answer. Information is more freely available in net nowadays. Anyone can visit Google or Bing and search of any of the below terms that may give them a bunch of builders operating in kumbakonam. List of key words any one can use for search is as follows: budget builders in kumbakonam, best builders in kumbakonam, top builders in kumbakonam, home builders in kumbakonam, house builders in kumbakonam, residential builders in kumbakonam , custom home builders in kumbakonam, good builders in kumbakonam, list of builders in kumbakonam, Question: What’s special with kumbakonam? Why do you preferred to setup your operations in kumbakonam? Ans. Kumbakonam is full of temples. Some of the most ancient and prominent temples of Shiva and Vishnu are the 12 famous Shiva temples that are connected with the Mahamaham festival which happens once in 12 years in Kumbakonam. (Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Kumbeswarar Temple, Nageswara Temple, Someswarar Temple, Koteeswarar Temple, Kahahasteeswarar Temple, Gowthameswarar Temple, Amirthakalasanathar Temple, Banapuriswarar Temple, Abimukeswarar Temple, Kambatta Visvanathar Temple and Ekambareswarar Temple) and the 5 famous Vishnu temples that are connected with the Mahamaham. ( Sarangapani Temple, Chakrapani Temple, Ramaswamy Temple, Rajagopalaswamy Temple, and Varahaperumal Temple). People love kumbakonam because of its Holiness and Beautiful Temples. Every day is a festival day here in kumbakonam. Temples are fully lit up and decorated almost in all days and crowds come from all part of India to visit thousands of temples around kumbakonam every day. The most famous navagraha temples can be easily reached camping here in kumbakonam. That’s the main reason why kumbakonam is also called as Temple Town in South India. Kumbakonam is an ideal place for People who wish to settle down after their retirement. One can practice all sorts of mental and physical exercises required by him to regenerate one’s body, mind and soul. No wonder why there are so many retirement homes coming up in kumbakonam and nearby localities. You have numerous skilled institutions offering knowledgeable courses to practice various skills like meditation, yoga, rekhi, vastu, astrology etc that keeps one’s mind fresh and happy right from his settlement till the end of his life. SG Associates is blessed to be located in kumbakonam and honored to be one among the Top 5 Best Builders in Kumbakonam. Though we operate out of Kumbakonam, we also execute projects in Trichy, Tanjore and all nearby surroundings with a radius of around 150 Kms from kumbakonam We offer a wide range of housing choices for aged people who would like settling down in kumbakonam after their retirement. We help them to build houses as per their preferred choice and designs depending upon on their budget. We also assist associations (group of people either belonging to the same family or community or locality) to jointly plan and settle down in kumbakonam under our secured housing compounds or gated community plans. Note that we tailor build these dream houses based on their designs and choices. We can also explore possibilities for providing cheap and best readymade flats available for immediate occupation through our sources in kumbakonam.. All our apartments are built matching Vastu principles so that the family living under those roofs is happily and peacefully settled. Kindly call on us to know more about our small budget individual new houses and small budget ready housing plots that are for sale in kumbakonam. We are proud to have employed a good team of educated and experienced civil engineers in kumbakonam who do a great job in helping our customers to build their dream houses at budget prices in kumbakonam. No doubts that their sincere efforts and dedication helps us to deliver the best houses in kumbakonam. We also venture as flat promoters in kumbakonam after exploring the viability of the cases. We have the capability and expertise to execute projects either in single or along with other joint venture individuals / companies in kumbakonam. People who would like to buy plots in kumbakonam or plots nearby kumbakonam (like in govindapuram, darasuram, papanasam, patteswaram, tirunageswaram, swamimalai etc) or have a land but looking for any good builders in kumbakonam are welcome to approach us immediately to know more about our latest best deals in kumbakonam and save huge costs in their projects. . We do enter into commercial joint ventures in kumbakonam and build apartments jointly. People who would like to have a joint venture in building up new commercial complex, shops, flat or houses are welcome to Tie-up with us making it a win-win situation . We have the best team of designers, who help our customers to design the best frames for beautiful looks and elevations. Moreover, our in- house designs help our customers to save costs in their projects. Please get in touch with us to know more about our readymade designed houses or apartments property in sale . We understand the market and its price matrix. That’s the reason all our projects are very reasonably priced to suit common man’s budget, no wonder that why our customer calls us as Budget Builders in kumbakonam. We promise to delivery best quality houses at budget prices within the agreed time span. We can assure you that you will find our pricing at par in the market and exceeding your expectations compared to other builders or construction companies in kumbakonam. We also help customers to get best deals in this real estate market in kumbakonam. We also assist them on fixing tenants for their newly built houses or old houses in kumbakonam. Please call us for a site visit in case you are planning to rent out your flat or apartment in kumbakonam. May be we can help you in getting a good tenant at best rentals values . We also assist you in selling your old houses at best prices in kumbakonam . We are really blessed to be positioned here as quality custom home builders in kumbakonam and to cater to all the housing requirements of our privileged customers.

SG ASSOCIATES, No.F 13, 1st Floor, MIM Complex, 60 Feet Road, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612001, India. Phone: +91 9600714704